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AutoShield Membership Terms & Conditions

AutoShield On-Site Vehicle Service is an exclusive benefit provided to AutoShield Auto Members. It is designed to get Members back on the road as quickly as possible.

AutoShield Membership provides each Member up to an aggregate of five (5) total On-Site Vehicle Services per Membership year. Each On-Site Vehicle Service can be viewed as a 30 min service. (see additional terms and conditions below).

AutoShield On-Site Vehicle Service coverage includes the following services:

Flat Battery Emergency Service

  1. Battery Services and Service Labor Charges: AutoShield technicians are here to assist you with a range of battery-related services, especially when your vehicle refuses to start. These services may include but are not limited to testing the battery, inspecting the vehicle's starting and charging systems, or attempting to jump-start the battery. In addition to these services, members have the option to purchase a discounted battery from one of our preferred vendors. Our skilled technicians can assist with installation of the battery with a member discount applied that cover the logistics of the battery replacement. This is pending the decision of the technician based on the complexity or other factors if the replacement process is within our expertise.

Please note that some battery installations may involve labor-intensive work, which could result in additional charges beyond the standard battery cost. These charges will be discussed with you before the installation begins, ensuring full transparency regarding the service labor costs.

Installation Location: For safety reasons, in some cases, the installation of the battery may take place at a nearby location instead of the original service site. Our primary concern is your safety and the safety of our technicians, and this decision will be made with those priorities in mind.

Service Hours and Battery Availability: The availability of our services and batteries may vary depending on your location. We aim to provide convenient service hours and prompt assistance whenever possible. However, please be aware that service hours and battery availability may differ by vehicle location.

Battery Charging: It's important to note that AutoShield On-Site Vehicle Service does not cover battery charging. Our services are primarily focused on battery testing, installation, and related diagnostics. If you require battery charging services, please consult with our technicians for suitable recommendations or alternative solutions.

Flat Tyre Service

Tyre Replacement Services and Service Labor Charges: AutoShield technicians are here to assist our valued members with various vehicle-related services, including tyre-related issues. However, it's important to note that the service labor for replacement tyres is not included in the standard coverage provided by AutoShield On-Site Vehicle Service.

Spare Tyre Installation: Our dedicated technicians will gladly assist members in installing spare tires when needed. If you have a properly inflated spare tire available, our technicians will ensure it is securely installed on your vehicle. Please keep in mind that the service labor charges for this installation are not covered by AutoShield and will be discussed with you before the service is performed.

Spare Tyre Availability and Safety: In the event that you do not have an inflated spare tyre on hand or if the existing spare is determined to be unsafe by our technician, you have the option to choose an alternative course of action. You may elect to have your vehicle towed, subject to the towing terms and conditions outlined below. However subject to the availability Autoshield can offer a temporary replacement wheel to be used for period up to 48 hours until a suitable replacement tyre can be sourced and installed.  

Tire Repair: Please be aware that tire repair services can be explored if the tyre is within adequate thread health. The technician will determine if the tyre is safe to be repaired, A tyre repair can be considered as a service call-out covered by AutoShield On-Site Vehicle Service. If the tyre fails to comply with our minimum safety concerns, we recommend seeking assistance from a specialized tyre repair professional or facility.

Emergency Fuel Top-Up Delivery

AutoShield technicians will provide free delivery of enough fuel to get the Member to the nearest service station. Requests for diesel fuel must be made during a Member’s call for service; diesel may not be available in all locations. Members will receive fuel at no charge. Autoshield cannot be liable if Auto members fails to disclose if any special fuel is to be used. As per safety protocol the Autoshield technician will ask member to acknowledge fuel type before adding fuel to the tank.

Vehicle Consultation Services

AutoShield technicians are also available to guide members to an informed decision regarding vehicle repairs or assessments. This can range from performing checks of connections and fluids and other vehicle assessments. Any services are provided “as is??? without any warranty, guarantee, or representation, express or implied, of any kind, and maybe temporary in nature. Members should have all vehicles inspected and serviced properly.


If a Member’s vehicle cannot be started or driven safely or suffered a verified mechanical breakdown AutoShield may provide special tow discount to a destination as described below. There is a limit of one tow per breakdown incident annually.

The one tow for up to 30 miles is limited to one tow discount per membership year per household.

Members will be responsible for the payment of additional costs and expenses of tows that are in excess of the distances or allotments as specified above. These will be charged at the then-current rates of the Service Provider for that area, and must be paid to the Service Provider at the time of service.

Tow services include tows to the nearest repair facility or the responding Service Provider’s repair facility (if applicable) to the extent, such facility is located within the allotted mileage range.

Repair Facilities

If a Member’s vehicle is not operable after the services rendered by an AutoShield technician, AutoShield may assist the Member in locating a nearby repair facility, which may include AutoShield Preferred Auto Repair (PAR) facilities, which are repair shops that have been inspected and AutoShield. All costs associated with repair services, lodging, or alternative transportation are at Member’s expense.